Our mission is to assist the global aerospace community, developing
better costs and providing a quick response service, improving your
operating costs and service times.

We are a company of professionals oriented to advice in all aspects of the aeronautical industry.

We are specialized in a complete line of Aircraft Parts, Rotables and Consumables support,

in all its conditions and services, prioritizing efficiency, speed of response, price and excellent customer service.

Through our associated workshops we provide MRO (maintenace, repair and operations) in exchange and direct repair, quickly and efficiently of all aeronautical components.

We carry out comprehensive software developments for the Aeronautical and Maritime industry, thanks to our computer development department we provide the necessary advice for the development tailored to your needs. Our objective through the digitization of data, technical information and planning is to bring you, through a virtual platform, access to the multiple needs that the aforementioned activities require.

Avionica Update, we develop modernization projects for small and medium-sized aircraft.

Conversion of lighting systems to led system, with certificates to approved by local authorities.

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Return to the skies faster. Carrying over 90,000 unique parts at our partnered distribution center, each exchange or direct repair is a quick turnaround.

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We take the stress out of orders and returns. Our sales staff is here to help make your order experience a breeze.

Worldwide Shipping

Location isn’t an issue for Select Airparts, we ship our parts worldwide...

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Service & Support

With a full-service testing center, rapid repairs, stabilized prices and personal support from receipt to final return, we offer quality service on every platform.

Aviation Software Development